Resume Pro Writers Company is a Awful Company!!!!!

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I hired Resume Pro Writers to write my Resume.The person that was asigned to write my reume was Asian and difficult to communicate with....when I received the resume it was obvious the English was NOT this persons first language.

The Grammer and use of words was terrible...not to mention that my requests as to what I wanted included were NOT understood! I asked for a supervisor and this person was asian too! And also had poor english skills.....I requested to speak to a person that spoke english as a first language.....I kept being transferred to ASIANS THAT SPOKE POOR ENGLISH.....!!I requested a refund and was AGAIN given the ruin around. They got hostel and nasty.

They also would NOT deliver on their guarantee.....I lost 305.00.BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!

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I purchased my resume and cover letter in Dec 2010.Two months went by I didn’t hear anything back.

So I wrote to the writer, Gabrielle. She said I needed to provide additional information on my new job. On March 02, she said she has everything she needed and she promised to send me the resume asap. However, I still haven’t received anything (March 21) now.

So I wrote to the writer again and the to see what the status is. Heather R. Todd from customer service (from 1-on 1 wrote back to me with very unprofessional, nasty e mail.

Not only they didn’t refund the fees, they took my money for (resume + cover) in Dec, but also she insulted me in the e mails.I regretted for using their site and

Please beaware of them, use other sites instead.


DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!!Have been trying to cancel an order and I am just getting the run around.

Cancelled the order on Saturday, then they posted the order on Tuesday!!!I have spoken to about 5 different people- different time line with all of them.


Okay, I can verify that everything that is being said above is true. I had recently been spending so much time and energy in trying to write my own resume, and after much frustration, I decided to chalk-up the $125 or so and go with a professional writing agency. I chose RPW based on ratings from one particular website I saw which reviewed them and said they beast the second place competition by a great margin.

The first thing you need to know is that no one at RPW speaks the English language correctly. I spoke with at least five people in different parts of their organization and they all have the same accent and use words out of context or extend phrases well beyond what would be considered appropriate in conversational English. Even in their email responses, it is just obvious that no one at RPW has a grasp of the English language to the extent that befits crafting a resume for a serious American job-seeker.

I am baffled that an agency which supposedly focuses on using the English language in its most convincing fashion is made up of people who do not speak English convincingly. I truly regret my decision to go with RPW. I am awaiting a second revision from them now, but will ask for a partial refund after I receive that draft. The entire mistake will have cost me about $95 and six weeks of wasted time.


I ended up working or so it was claimed with the guy in charge.It was the worst resume/cover letter I have ever seen.

I had a mentor who is an hiring manager for a fortune 100 company take a look and he confirmed my suspicions.I ended up doing the work and definitely do not recommend them!


Terrible service- very misleading. Resume and cover letter were full of errors, horrific formatting, late delivery, etc. Scam


I contacted the BBB.Could I get in touch with you to compare what they sent.

I found plagiarized material in my letters from what is now Resume Professional Writers...same company


Message that I sent to Resume Pro Writers after receipt of substandard product:

I am writing to you to express my extreme disappointment in your products and services. When we spoke I took you at your word that Professional Resume Writers were experienced and knowledgeable about the Federal application process. We agreed that in return for my payment I would receive a professional, well written resume and for an additional fee, expertly written KSAs. I was duped. The work products are completely unsatisfactory and unprofessional. I received my KSAs last evening after 9 p.m. Upon my review, I found them non responsive, poorly written and completely lacking in substance. I responded to the e-mail message with my concerns. I was then contacted by telephone by someone from your organization who told me to re-write the KSAs and return them to your organization today. This is outrageous. How dare you organization take my money, then fail to deliver an even half-way acceptable product and then have your staff establish a deadline for me to complete what should have been their work and return it the same day. This is incomprehensible and perhaps the most audacious demand that I can recall from an alleged service provider in my lifetime.

I am now doing the job that I paid your organization to provide - incredible. Please know that I am not asking for any type of refund. Keep my payment. I will however be writing an on-line review at every possible opportunity to alert unsuspecting consumers such as myself to the very poor quality of your goods and services.

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